The Unknown World

The World Is Lke Intoxicated Drink.
More U Hav it.
More U Get Lost In It.

Lfe Is Too Short For Having Endless Enemies,
Dat Wen In Troubled Atmosphere,
U Don’t Even Find Single Friend,
Who U Can Call & Ask For Help,
Don’t Take The Road Less Traveled ,


Its Road Of Deceit, Betrayal & Other Negative Vibes!!

In Order To Overcome This Nasty Circle,

They R Two Ways: –

U Become Part Of The Chain Of Inner Demons Circle,


Fight Ur Odd … Stand Tall For Ur Principles ,

In Simple Terminology – Perform Or Parish,

In Common Man’s Words—

They R Many Ppl Who Walk On The Earth!


Only Few Extraordinary Individual !

Find Their Name Engraved In History.

They R In True Sense Called ‘Legend’,

Other Comes Under Category Of Extra!!

Lets See Where Does Barren Existence Take Us

May Ur Soul Be True As Ever!!!

Inner Thoughts

A person is in lyfe is more known for his/her failure than success. Coz ppl think the win is jst a fluke. Always after a fall he gets up agn without any supports to prove them wrong. But ppl forget dat, Am not scared of failing, As wen U fall Only those who brave stand up to mend there mistakes, full dignity & honour.. Criticism makes a person more strong & powerful to proof these detractor wrong.. But sumtimes the journey becomes monotonous.. During a period u feel, y don’t hav any support from either corner, jst walking like a zombie is this lyfe.. Also after all the achieving everything, ppl aren’t still not happy.. On sum occasion Jst feel lke jumping from A cliff & call it a day.. But then truth dawns upon dat if I end mah lyfe same critics well say I took easy option. So tired of proving these detractors dat it feels am ageing much faster than ever.. Y can’t ppl understand without closure u can’t thrive on anything. Pls let a person function in his own pace. Let them make there own path, instead on dictating ur advice on them.. Jst happy wit the Boulevard they hav taken, jst giv ur 100% to them. Hop Truth don one day, senses well prevail; tell well giv mah bst shot in whatever I do … God Bless All & hop u all attain Nirvana .. Hav a nice day..