National Sports Day: Let Us Take A Look What Happened When Major Dhyan Chand Met Adolf Hitler!



On the occasion on National Sports Day, let’s remember the maverick Major Dhyan Chand who was a beacon of hope and changed the way we see sports in our nation today. He was popularly known as ‘The Magician Of Hockey’ & ‘The Wizard for his uncanny hockey talents.

 Today we celebrate 114th birth anniversary of one of the greatest hockey players in the history of the sport, Dhyan Chand was born on August 29, 1905. He created history through his goal-scoring ability and went on to won three Olympic gold medals in 1928, 1932 and 1936 respectively. The Hockey legend has been bestowed by the Government of India awarded Chand India’s third highest civilian honour of Padma Bhushan in 1956. To honour his stature and numerous records his birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day in India every year.


He was born to mother Sharadha Singh and father Sameshwar Singh. His father was in the British Indian Army, and he also played hockey in the army. At the 16 years of age, he joined the Indian Army as Sepoy. His friend’s ha nicknamed him ‘Chand’ as he used to practice hockey before dusk under the moonlight. If reports are believed Hockey authorities in the Netherlands once broke Indian hockey legend Dhyan Chand’s hockey stick to check if there was a magnet inside.

Dhyan Chand had outrageous skills on the field and his natural ability to find the back of the net which was unmatched. This led him to his selection in the Indian Army team at the age of 20 and was part of the New Zealand tour in 1926, the team won 18 out of 21 matches out of which drew two and lost one. This led to Dhyan Chand Ji to be promoted to the rank of Lance Naik on his coming back to India.


The Wizard played army hockey tournaments and regimental games between 1922 and 1926. He made his debut with the Indian national hockey team made on 17th May 1928 his Olympic debut against Austria, winning 6–0, in which Chand scored 3 goals. Dhyan Chand scored the most number of goals at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics and a total tally of 14 goals.

 At the Los Angeles Olympics, Chand played alongside with his brother Roop and went to score 25 out of the 35 goals by India. During the Berlin Olympics, Chand once again was selected without formalities. Chand top-scored with 3 goals, Dara scored 2 and Roop Singh, Tapsell and Jaffar one each to defeat Germany in the finals for 8-1.

The match was attended by the top brass of Nazi officials such as Hermann Goering, Joseph Goebbels, and Adolf Hitler came to support their ‘superior Aryan team’ against defending champions India. Hitler, it is believed, was so upset that he left the stadium even before the match came to the closure. Post seeing his performance Adolf Hitler himself offered Dhyan Chand the citizenship of Germany along with a post of Field Marshal in German Army, which he refused.

 The legendary cricketer Don Bradman had fondly remembered watching Dhyan Chand play in 1935 and was quoted saying that, “He scores goals like runs in cricket.” Olympian and former Indian field hockey player hockey  Zafar Iqbal tells ThePrint, “He was an exceptionally humble man. I met with him twice in the Indian Airlines colony in 1978 as he stayed with his son Ashok. Dhyan Chand was such a grounded person that once we traveled together to his ancestral home in Jhansi in the 3rd class of railways and we were standing during most of the journey as there was no space in the unreserved coaches.”

 He scored over 400 goals in his career, from 1926 to 1948 and retired from the army at the age of 51 in 1956. He held the rank of Major at the time of his retirement. Chand’s autobiography, Goal!, was published by Sport & Pastime, Madras in 1952.


But the sad part is that this legendary personality is getting lost in the history books and it’s up to us to keep him relevant and share his stories among the next generation. One question which I bother me a lot that we in India say we are sports-loving nation but we don’t watch all the sorts and only one bias towards one sport. Also if our team loses we start abusing the players instead we should support them and wholeheartedly.

Pic Credit – @sudarsansand

But the sad part is that this legendary personality is getting lost in the history books and it’s up to us to keep him relevant and share his stories among the next generation.

One question which I bother me a lot that we in India say we are sports-loving nation but we don’t watch all the sorts and only one bias towards one sport. Also if our team loses we start abusing the players instead we should support them and wholeheartedly.

Shaliza Dhami: Meet First Woman Air Force Officer To Become Flight Commander of Indian Air Force!

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Mahatma Gandhi on Women by MK Gandhi Sarvodaya

Father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi played a crucial role in empowering women in the society and fought for their rights and social evils such as child marriage and dowry system to name a few. To quote Gandhi Ji, “It is good to swim in the waters of tradition, but to sink in them is suicide”. He was also quoted saying that “The wife is not the husband’s slave but his companion and his help-mate and an equal partner in all his joys and sorrows – as free as the husband to choose her path.” Also advocated that Women have equal mental abilities as that of men an equal right to freedom.

This gave wings to the movement of women empowerment and inspired the next generation. We have been blessed to born in a nation where we have many great women who bring us the hope that every girl has the potential to achieve whatever she wants to. They have risen to the top in their fields and are not only reminders of the legacy that they leave behind, but also guiding light of hope for future generations.

In recent past we have been inspired by life journey of determined women from across India, make their presence felt in varied fields and their stellar achievements bring laurels to the nation. Such us Kalpana Chawla, Hima Das, Arunima Sinha, Mithali Raj, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Priyanka Chopra, Mary Kom, Indra Nooyi to name a few.


Today let’s talk about another inspiring of Wing Commander Shaliza Dhami who created history by becoming the Flight Commander of a flying unit. As per the ranking goes Flight Commander is the second in the command of the unit.

The brave Air Officer has been serving the Indian Air Force for the past 15 years and has been flying choppers. She achieved feet by becoming the first woman flying instructor of the Air Force and is also the first woman officer to get permanent commission of the flying branch.

She took over as Flight Commander of a Chetak helicopter unit at Hindon airbase in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Chetak is a single-engine turboshaft, light utility helicopter with a capacity of 6 passengers and a maximum speed of 220 km/hour.

A representative of the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was quoted saying that, “The helicopter is suitable for commuting, cargo/material transport, casualty evacuation, Search and Rescue (SAR), Aerial Survey and Patrolling, Emergency Medical Services, Off-shore operations, and underslung operations.”

 After a long journey of fighting stereotypes to be included in combat roles, women are getting their due. Here we would like to remind a few memorable moments which showed how times are changing for the good and continue to inspire generations to come. :-

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In July, 2018, IAF had decided that it will induct women as fighter pilots.

In May, Flight Lieutenant Mohana Singh scripted history by becoming the first woman IAF pilot to become operational on Hawk advanced jet aircraft.

On 19 February, Avani Chaturvedi had become the first Indian woman to fly MiG 21 Bison, solo.

This comes after a had-fought legal victory was achieved in 2010 when a high court verdict granted women officers the right to permanent commissions.

Renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik created a sand sculpture honouring PV Sindhu in his signature style!

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Pic Credit – FB (@sudarsan.sandart)

Renowned Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik  is an extraordinary artist who has created niche in the heart of the whole nation through his magnificent sand sculptures. He has achieved an unique feet by introducing sand art in India. Post which there was no looking back for the artist and went to make looking at his beautiful pieces of sands artwork. Another fact which leave you dumstruck and appreciate this maverick that he has not received any formal teaching and educated it all by himself.

He hails from Puri city of Orissa and was motivated towards this form of art since childhood. He put is heart and soul in mastering the art form and went on to make hundreds of sand sculptures in the process. His pure commitment let him to become the first and world-famous Indian sand artist with huge list of achievements and awards credited to his name. He went on represent India in events held in foreign countries such as UK, China, Japan, Holland, US, France, Italy and many more where his art has been highly praised.

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Pic Credit – FB (@sudarsan.sandart)

Renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik created a sand sculpture at Puri beach of Odisha congratulating badminton player P V Sindhu on winning the #Gold medal at #WorldBadmintonChampionshipat which was held at Basel, Switzerland. He wrote,”My SandArt at Puri beach with message Congrats #Badminton Queen @Pvsindhu1 for winning the #BWFWorldChampionships2019 and scripting history.”

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Pic Credit – FB (@sudarsan.sandart)

Padma Awardee Sudarsan Pattnaik had recently won the prestigious People’s Choice Award at a sand sculpting festival which was held in the U.S.  In the art form he highlighted the message of combating plastic pollution in oceans. Post winning the accolade was talking to the media and was quoted saying “This is a very big award and honour for me in the US. This award is for India, which is also doing a great deal to beat plastic pollution and raise awareness on this very important matter.”

PV Sindhu creates history by becoming the first Indian shuttler to win the World Championships title


The ace badminton player, P.V. Sindhu is known for creating history in the records books ever since in 2016, when she went on become the first ever Indian  women to win the silver medal in Rio Olympic 2016 Women’s Singles Badminton event. Post which there has been no looking back under the tutelage of Pullela Gopichand.


Yesterday PV Sindhu achieved another milestone by becoming the only player to be a defending women’s singles medallist at the Olympics, Worlds, Asian Games and Commonwealth Games at the same time. PV Sindhu defeated Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara in straight games 21-7, 21-7 the first Indian to win badminton World Championships at Basel, Switzerland.

Post Winning the trophy, she was quoted saying that, “Finally, I have become a National champion!” she exclaimed. Then suddenly, she and with her, the rest of India was wide wake. “Sorry, sorry, World Champion!” she laughed, as she repeated the words, slowly and deliberately, lest it slip away. “World Champion…” Also dedicated the win to her coach, “I dedicate this award to my mom, it’s her birthday today. Happy Birthday, mom.”

The Unknown World

The World Is Lke Intoxicated Drink.
More U Hav it.
More U Get Lost In It.

Lfe Is Too Short For Having Endless Enemies,
Dat Wen In Troubled Atmosphere,
U Don’t Even Find Single Friend,
Who U Can Call & Ask For Help,
Don’t Take The Road Less Traveled ,


Its Road Of Deceit, Betrayal & Other Negative Vibes!!

In Order To Overcome This Nasty Circle,

They R Two Ways: –

U Become Part Of The Chain Of Inner Demons Circle,


Fight Ur Odd … Stand Tall For Ur Principles ,

In Simple Terminology – Perform Or Parish,

In Common Man’s Words—

They R Many Ppl Who Walk On The Earth!


Only Few Extraordinary Individual !

Find Their Name Engraved In History.

They R In True Sense Called ‘Legend’,

Other Comes Under Category Of Extra!!

Lets See Where Does Barren Existence Take Us

May Ur Soul Be True As Ever!!!

Inner Thoughts

A person is in lyfe is more known for his/her failure than success. Coz ppl think the win is jst a fluke. Always after a fall he gets up agn without any supports to prove them wrong. But ppl forget dat, Am not scared of failing, As wen U fall Only those who brave stand up to mend there mistakes, full dignity & honour.. Criticism makes a person more strong & powerful to proof these detractor wrong.. But sumtimes the journey becomes monotonous.. During a period u feel, y don’t hav any support from either corner, jst walking like a zombie is this lyfe.. Also after all the achieving everything, ppl aren’t still not happy.. On sum occasion Jst feel lke jumping from A cliff & call it a day.. But then truth dawns upon dat if I end mah lyfe same critics well say I took easy option. So tired of proving these detractors dat it feels am ageing much faster than ever.. Y can’t ppl understand without closure u can’t thrive on anything. Pls let a person function in his own pace. Let them make there own path, instead on dictating ur advice on them.. Jst happy wit the Boulevard they hav taken, jst giv ur 100% to them. Hop Truth don one day, senses well prevail; tell well giv mah bst shot in whatever I do … God Bless All & hop u all attain Nirvana .. Hav a nice day..