Inspirational Story – This practising lawyer from Jodhpur proves this adage as he turned 100 and continues to learn new things

Age is just a number – Alumni Weekly Review

Age is just a number; the saying goes and we have We are brought up in a society that is shaped by certain rules and well-drawn boundaries. These rules are created by varied aspects such as nature, consensus, and what the majority perceives as common. But in today’s world, people are trying to break the shackles of society and breaking away set conventions.

The person who is defying this phrase is none other than a lawyer who has been a Practicing lawyer for the past since 1947 is Still Attending Virtual Hearings. Despite becoming a centenarian continues to learn new things every day. During this pandemic when the courts have gone virtual, he has been attending his virtual hearings after learning the tricks of the virtual world in his 100th year. The lawyer is Lekhraj Mehta who hails from Jodhpur who turned 100 recently. Lekhraj is a well-respected lawyer in the field of law and has mentored many eminent figures such as former CJIs, CMs and international court judges too.

THIS 100-year-old practising lawyer from Rajasthan has proved that age is  just a number! - Knocksense

Mr Lekhraj Mehta has been practicing ever since partition. During these tough times he has learnt to welcome the technology with open hands and mastering the art of attending his court hearings via video conferencing.  He has never been scared to learn anything new and he enjoys learning new things, keeps himself updated about his case matters, meets clients and describes himself of the latest developments.

Like everyone, he has been maintaining social distance and also keep himself limited to his home. He took the help of his grandson Ramil Mehta to teach the art of attending video conferencing, video calling and video meeting and hence the challenges of the pandemic were overcome for his professional world. He is still not stopped studying his cases thoroughly and stay in touch with his clients thru video calling. He has been also been in touch with students such as former CJI RM Lodha, Justice Dalbeer Bhandari, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and ML Singhvi.

नए वकीलों को अपने कार्यों से अपनी गंभीरता का परिचय देना चाहिए', 100 वर्षीय  वकील लेखराज मेहता से लाइव लॉ की ख़ास बातचीत | interview with advocate lekhraj  mehta

Lekhraj Mehta was born in 1921, through his family had heard about the effect of the Spanish Flu from his family members and now after 100 years, he is witnessing Covid-1p Pandemic himself. Though, he is believing that this time the world has not stopped thanks to the internet and mobile communication. Over the years, Mr. Mehta has fought many interesting cases and one of them been Bollywood star Salman Khan who was accused in the Black Buck poaching case. He fought the case to ensure Salman gets his visa and travels abroad for his shootings as the High Court stayed his conviction in the Black Buck poaching case.            

Mehta also played a crucial role when the Congress’ CP Joshi lost the assembly polls by one vote and took the court’s shelter, But Mr Mehta did not allow him to win the polls vs Kalyan Singh. On the same lines. former vice president Bhairon Singh Shekhawat’s victory was challenged twice in court, but Mehta ensured his victory stayed intact. Nathuram Mirdha lost the assembly polls to Govardhan Soni and approached the court. His plea was terminated, courtesy of Mehta’s shrewd tactic.

Lekhraj Mehta from Jodhpur who turned 100 had a special message for senior citizens and said that they should follow a timetable right since morning, should decide what they will eat and what they should not, walk a lot as well as practice yoga to stay healthy.

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