Former Manchester United player Eric Cantona became the third footballer, after Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry, to be named in the EPL Hall of Fame.

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English Premier League also known as the Premier League started in 20th February 1922 and was created by the First Division of the Football League that was founded in 1888. As of today, Premier league is the most popular football league and the most-watched sports league in the world. It is the highest level of the English Football League system. 20 clubs participate in the league and they play a total of 38 matches both home and away match format.

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The league is being broadcasted in over 600 million and in 212 countries. Over the years, the league has seen 23 clubs as champions. Another interesting fact for the football fans is that of the 47 clubs that have been playing in the Premier League since 1992, five have won the title: Arsenal (3 titles), Blackburn Rovers (1), Chelsea (4), Manchester United (13) and Manchester City (2). Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur are the only seven teams that have shown up every season without relegation.

A place in the Hall of Fame is reserved for only the best and is also known as “the home of the greats.” Former Manchester United captain Eric Cantona has become the latest player to be inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. There is no denying that there will be no other Eric Catona. He hails from France and was one of the brightest stars of the sport in the 1990s and is has a special place in the heart of Manchester United fans and he played a crucial role in the transformation of the club.

Cantona was unexpectedly moved to Manchester United after Leeds were ousted from the European Cup and this was a blessing in disguise for his career.  He played a crucial role in the Red Devils winning their first league title in 26 years in 1993, when he became the first player to win the championship in consecutive seasons with different teams. Cantona was much-loved by the faithful fans of Manchester United, scoring 70 goals in 156 Premier League appearances for United, where he won the league title four times in five seasons at Old Trafford before he retired in May 1997. Cantona also helped United to win four titles in five years.

Eric Cantona was quoted saying “I am very happy and very proud, but at the same time I am not surprised. I would’ve been surprised not to be elected! I have been lucky to play in this team, with wonderful players, a wonderful manager and wonderful fans. We won and it was the football I dreamed about because Manchester United, it’s a club where they want to win things but in a good way.”

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The main aim of the Hall of Fame is to “recognise and celebrate the exceptional skill and talent of players who have graced the League since its inception in 1992”.

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