The Wrestling World Is In Mourning The Death Of The Greatest Ring Announcer Of All-Time – Howard Finkel!

Before the start of WWE, way back in the 1920s under the leadership of Jess McMahon began promoting matches in the New York City at the time when the industries were booming. Post his passing away the family business was taken over by his son Vince Mc Mahon and became one of the most respected and admired promoters of all time. WWE is one of the most popular pro wrestling company ever since its inception way back in the 1950’s and gone on to become a global sports entertainment powerhouse. Its popularity knows no bound all around the world and broadcasted over 150 countries and reached the audience of millions of viewers. The McMahon name has long been synonymous with sports-entertainment, at the sometime involved in professional wrestling since before the first television was even invented,

 Today is a very sad day for the WWE and the wrestling community as well as fan is passing away of the legendary ring announcer Howard Finkel passed away at the age of 69. He holds special place in the heart of the company as he was the first employee of WWE to be hired by Vince McMahon Sr when the organisation. He was lovingly known as ‘The Fink’ and was the longest-tenured employee as well as was the full-time ring announcer for more than two decades. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009.

Finkel appeared in every WrestleMania between 1985 to 2015 and holds the rare feet of being the other longest WrestleMania streak just like that of The Undertaker record. His first WrestleMania appearance was in 1985 in Madison Square Garden and last one was in the 32nd in Dallas in 2016.

He was known for his distinctive voice was instantly recognizable and his trademark introduction words were ‘And Newwwwww’ to announce a new champion.

The tile reign of superstars such as Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Bret hart, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, John Cena with the signature call “and NNNEEEWWW World Champion!” He was not only an ace ring announcer but also used also complete inside the squared circle from time to time. He has competed in the ring with Harvey Wippleman in a Tuxedo Match on Raw and also helped X-Pac shave off Jeff Jarrett’s head in a Hair vs. Hair Match which took place at SummerSlam 1998.

Several members of the wrestling community took to social media to pay homage  to The Fink and remembered their good friend.

Saddened to learn of the passing of my friend and WWE’s first employee, WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel. The grandest moments in sports-entertainment history were made all the grander thanks to Howard’s iconic voice.

In what has already been a tough week for our @WWE family, today we lost our 1st ever employee and WWE Hall of Famer, @howardfinkel. Howard’s voice is iconic & recognized by generations of fans. He will be missed. #RIPHowardFinkel Thank you for everything. Red heart

You weren’t someone until you heard Howard announce you. A championship win didn’t feel real until you heard him say “and the new!” His voice, his personality, and his positivity will be sorely missed. Thank you for everything…especially your friendship.

The voice of a generation and the kindest, most loving human you could meet. RIP Howard. We will all miss you.

My dad is smiling big today seeing Howard again

#HowardFinkel was on Team Hogan through the good and bad times,even when I was on the outs Howard would call on a consistent basis to tell me to always keep my head up,it was” never say never” and “you and Vince will work it out”,my good friend RIP,I love you 4LifeHH #wwf #WWE

Even as Howard’s health declined, he was more concerned about me and my fight to be healthy. We lost one of the greatest ever. He was the greatest ring announcer ever, and that couldn’t even compare to the human being that he was. RIP Fink.

Fink was the voice of my childhood. Ya know what else? He was the kindest human being I ever met & I cherished our conversations. Here’s him announcing the first NXT Title match. Hearing his voice say my name was a dream come true. May he rest in power.

So Sorry To Hear Of The Passing Of Howard Finkel, A Great Friend For So Many Years. Rest In Peace! 🙏🏻

I just heard about the passing of Howard Finkel. A true


 legend.  I hear his voice in my head as I’m writing this. He made every event better for having him there.

God bless you, Tommy for being there for him.



Howard would talk to me over the guardrail, when I was a fan and we waited for the show to start.  He ALWAYS was in full gentleman mode, and one of the nicest people I’ve met.

#RIPHowardFinkel #greatdude #kelloggcenter #battlecreek #WWE #rvd

Howard was the best. It’s that simple. I’ll never forget the last few times I saw him…the excitement he still had for the industry, the genuine concern he showed when asking about how my family was doing despite his own declining health…I’m so grateful I got to know him.

So sad to hear of the passing of my friend, the greatest ring announcer in the biz, Howard Finkel, at the age of 69.  The Hall of Famer is now ring announcing in Heaven. #RIPFink No one was more loyal or loved pro wrestling more than The Fink.

So sad about the passing of my dear friend. The first time I flew to TVs I marked out as ‘The Voice of the WWE’ picked me up! When he saw me alone, he kept me company. He was my first friend in the WWE and I’ll never forget his kindness and absolute love of the biz. #RIPFink

I’m sad to hear of the passing of Howard Finkel! He was a gentleman and kind soul! I will always be debted to him for escorting Eddie from Minneapolis to Phoenix after he passed. When he called me….he said…”I don’t want Eddie to be flown home by himself”. RIP love you friend

Later stages of his career started working in backstage role for WWE. He was one of the most respected employers for the WWE offices and reason being his in-depth knowledge of sports-entertainment history as well as encyclopaedic memory and kindness made him most loved among his peers.

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