Amid The Coronavirus Lockdown: Delhi Police Officials Are Feeding Hungry Monkeys, Birds And Cows !

Coronavirus India Updates: Total Covid-19 Cases At 5,274, Death ...

The spread of novel coronavirus has not brought the world on standstill but also created in the country. The total number of positive cases in India has risen to 11,511 Confirmed cases our of which 1,366 have recovered and the death toll was recorded at 394. As per latest development the impact of the novel coronavirus has been the most in China and Italy, India also is within its grasp. The first case was reported in the Kerala and the epidemic has over the time has spread to other states of the country and infecting numerous individuals.

But on the other side of the coin has brought about significant drop in the air population in many parts of the India. Ever since the nationwide lockdown was declared in the nation for curbing the spread of the Covid-19. We can note the change in Delhi which is having freshest air in the capital after decades. Maharashtra has over one-fifth of these cases at 2,684, and 178 deaths. Maharashtra remains the worst affected state in the country.

But there is a silver lining, as numerous videos of dolphins, swimming and playing near Mumbai sea shore has gone viral. One of the reasons for the return of dolphins is no fishing activities taking place due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

This noble act was started by Kalkaji SHO Sandeep Ghai and his men a week by feeding the birds and monkeys at Anand Mai Marg and Kabootar Chowk near C R Park every day at 7 am. The news was confirmed by a senior official and was quoted saying “Since people were not able to venture out due to lockdown, many good samaritans who used to often feed birds and animals could not continue. So, we noticed hungry monkeys venturing into residential colonies in search of food.”


Soon this led to station house officer of Kalkaji and his unit to feed the birds and monkeys with ‘gud’ (jaggery) and ‘chana’ (chickpeas). Also seeing the officers doing such a noble cause was soon joined by Kirana Market Association, Mani Ram Aggarwal and the owner of Aggarwal Sweet.

As of now they feed hungry monkeys, birds and cows apart from providing food to poor people. The Police officer daily purchase bananas, ‘gud’ and ‘Chana’ and feed around 400-500 monkeys and 50-70 cows on Anandmai Marg and Ravi Daas Marg. Police’s also motivated RWAs of colonies in Kalkaji, Govindpuri and Amar colony to join the initiative and feed stray dogs in their locality.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation about the issue of unceasing coronavirus pandemic in the country. Also announced that the country will be on a lockdown until May 3 in a bid the control the spread of the virus.

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