Tata Trusts Chairman Ratan N Tata Pledges In Battling Against Deadly Coronavirus That Has Triggered A 21-Day Lockdown Across The Country!

A question which is troubling me a lot during the 21 days lockdown is what is the difference between an Industrialist and businessman. They both play similar role for the betterment of the nation’s economy and but have difference vision in order to fulfil their goals.

There is a famous saying which comes to mind and it is ‘All industrialists are business persons but all businessmen are not industrialists.’ If we look at the bigger picture the main objective of the businessman is to work towards profits by selling goods which are in demand in the market at any point of time. On the other side Industrialist is one who’s busies module revolves around his workshops, business strategies to name few aspects. His markets are too big and infinite loop of demand and supply. 

Tata clarifies his remark - The Hindu

Mukesh Ambani and Ratan TATA have common education backgrounds as both of them did their MBA from one of the world’s reputed Universities. It’s well documented that Mukesh pursued his MBA from Stanford University. While Ratan TATA did his MBA from Harvard University. But one question keeps rising up why is Ambani is richer than TATA? The main reason being, that we as a nation are blessed to have an industrialist like the TATA’s who work for the betterment of the people and donate most of profit to charity.

If sources are to believe that Tata donates 66% to of their annual profit.  Also, another fact which cannot be denied is that Mukesh Ambani has created an empire for himself; on the other hand, unlike he is to earn good will of all like late Dhiru Bhai Ambani and Ratan Tata.

Ratan Tata is known for being one of India’s most prominent industrialist and philanthropic leaders. Tata family has played one of the crucial roles in the development of Indian economy and Ratan Tata has continued to be an exemplary guardian for his family’s charitable legacy. Ratan Tata has made sure to use his life experience to ensure to take the Trusts to greater heights and working for the welfare of the people.

During interaction with Stanford Social Innovation Review opened about goals for the trusts and quoted saying “Working on the shop floor as a young man, I saw close up the misery and hardship of the less fortunate and thought about how one makes a difference to improve lives. As I moved up through the departments and divisions, I continued to see hardship and had more opportunity to do something about it.”

The Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has been spreading fast across the nation As per latest stats available the virus has confirmed 657 cases from which 43 have recovered while 12 death has taken place.

India entered the seventh day of the nationwide lockdown and total number of confirmed positive Covid-19 cases has increased to 1417 across the nation were confirmed. While with 47 deaths reported so far. The whole country has come together towards donating to the PM-CARES fund while others have chosen to support in other capacities in their fight against coronavirus.

Tata Trusts To Commit Rs 500 Crore To Fight Novel Coronavirus ...

Latest celebrity to come to aid is none other than Tata Trusts Chairman Ratan N Tata who pledged to give  massive Rs 500 crore  towards manufacturing of personal protective equipment, respiratory systems, testing kits, setting up modular treatment facilities and training of health workers. The statement was released by Tata Trust and wrote “The COVID 19 crisis is one of the toughest challenges we will face as a race… At this moment, the need of the hour is greater than any other time.”

Taj Group of Hotels took another giant leap of faith and warmest gestures by sent free meals to patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers at Mumbai’s government hospitals. This great effort was were lauded by Team India skipper Virat Kohli.

Keeping the current situation in mid the Tata Group had decided to give full payments to their temporary workers and daily wage earners working across their companies and factories sites. IN one of the warmest gestures made by a corporate benevolence and also stated they will also pay its workers even if they fail to report for work due to current lockdown.

Ratan Tata main focus is work towards innovation and smart investments which is led to imagined growth, and his approach to philanthropy is equally ever inspiring.  “Today, a large amount of philanthropy in India is deployed in traditional forms, like building a temple or hospital. India has to move to a more sophisticated form of philanthropy that is designed to make a difference rather than just building edifices

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