Read Here: From ‘India’s Miss Charming Face’ to becoming an Army officer, Lieutenant Garima Yadav has had one fantastic journey.

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We have been blessed to be born in a nation with many great women who bring us the hope that every girl can achieve whatever she wants to. They have risen to the top in their fields and are reminders of the legacy they leave behind and guiding light of hope for future generations. In the recent past, we have been inspired by the life journey of determined women from across India, making their presence felt in varied fields and their stellar achievements bring laurels to the nation.

Today let’s talk about another inspiring story of a model turned military officer. Yes, you read it right, way back in November 2017 had won the title India’s Charming Face and was all set to travel to Italy to participate international contest. But took a decision that not surprise her friends as well as a family but will stun the readers. She decided to serve her nation and joined the Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai. she cleared the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam in her first attempt and made it to Officers Training Academy.

While interacting with the media spoke about how about Army was her true calling and also quoted saying, “I was preparing for civil services but I guess the army was my true calling. I got recommended in my first attempt. I had a wonderful experience at the OTA. At first, it was difficult for me to come up with the tough training. The weather was also unfavourable. I did not have very good physical standards but somehow, I managed for the first few months. I didn’t give up and improved drastically.”

She also added “People have a wrong conception that you have to be good at all sports, physically strong to get selected in the SSB. That’s not true. You just should be willing to accept your weaknesses and work on them, should always endeavour to get better and better every day.”

Lieutenant Garima Yadav did her schooling at Army Public School, Shimla and went on to do her graduation from the prestigious St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. She started modelling in college. Initially, she wanted to become an IAS officer but couldn’t clear the mains and later on cleared the CDS exam to join the Indian Army.  She went on to score second ranking in the All India Rank of Officers’ Training Academy, women.

Will Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, selling of Tesla stock and donating $6 billion Solve world hunger!

Elon Reeve Musk hails from Pretoria which is one of South Africa’s three capital cities. He was brought by hardworking and professional parents, his father was an engineer, while his mother was a model and nutritionist. He is a voracious leader since childhood and liked to read anything ranging from encyclopaedias to comic books. From a very young age, Musk was fascinated with technology. At the age of 10-year-old, he was introduced to programming via the Commodore VIC-20, an inexpensive home computer. In no time he had become an expert to Blastar—a video game in the style of Space Invaders. He went to sell the BASIC code for the game to a magazine called PC and Office Technology for $500

In 1995 he took the world by storm when he along with his younger brother Kimbal at his side, Musk started Zip2, a web software company that would help newspapers develop online city guides. This led to him purchasing Compaq’s AltaVista web search engine for a whopping $340 million. He led to creating, which he intended to shape into the future of banking. Today the company is known as PayPal. Musk was then ousted from the company before it was bought by eBay for $1.5 billion, though he left with $180 million worth in stock..

Post leaving PayPal, Musk turned his attention to an electric-car start-up called Tesla Motors with funding of approx.  $70 million. Way back in 2004, Musk joined forces with engineers Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning to take Tesla Motors to the next level. Musk played a crucial role in designing the Tesla Roadster, an electric car. in the next year, Eberhard was removed from the firm and Musk took over management control as CEO and product architect. Under his leadership, Tesla has become one of the world’s most popular and coveted car brands.  


There is no denying the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is so rich that his net worth is more than the GDP of several countries.  Musk is the richest person in the world, and his net worth is $335 billion. The outspoken tech entrepreneur is ready to sell his Tesla stock and spends $6 billion to end world hunger. This statement has been declared in reply to a tweet made by David Beasley, director of the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP).

Director of the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP), took to social media and wrote, 🔹 2% of @elonmusk’s wealth is $6B 🔹 In 2020 the UN World Food Program (WFP) raised $8.4B. How come it didn’t “solve world hunger”?

Musk was the quick response on the social media and wrote,If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it. But it must be open source accounting, so the public sees precisely how the money is spent.

Post interacting with an expert, Beasley responded to Musk on Twitter, writing $6 billion will not solve world hunger, “but it WILL prevent geopolitical instability, mass migration and save 42 million people on the brink of starvation. An unprecedented crisis and a perfect storm due to Covid/conflict/climate crises.”

Musk further added Please publish your current & proposed spending in detail so people can see exactly where the money goes. Sunlight is a wonderful thing.”

On the personal front, Musk is very busy with his  Mars ambitions — and is working for it. If the UN data does work out for him, we can only expect he’ll actually contribute to the fund.

Meet The great-grandmother, who has been a driving force in the revival of kalarippayattu, as the ancient practice is also known, and in encouraging girls to take it up.

Kalaripayattu or Kalarippayattu – the Martial Art form of Kerala | Kerala  Tourism

Age is just a number; the saying goes and we have We are brought up in a society that is shaped by certain rules and well-drawn boundaries. These rules are created by varied aspects such as nature, consensus, and what the majority perceives as common. But in today’s world, people are trying to break the shackles of society and breaking away set conventions.

The person who is defying this phrase is none other than a 76-year-old, recipient of the Padma Shri, at an age when people take retirement, she trains students in the martial art form. She has been advocating for the revival of kalarippayattu and in encouraging girls to take it up.  She hails from Kerala has been practicing the ancient practice ever since 7-year-old.  The great-great mother is the matriarch of the Kadathanad Kalari Sangham school, founded by her late husband in 1949, Even at 78-year-old still packs a punch, enjoys going head-to-head and engaging battle of one-upmanship, with her opponent, a man less than half her age and almost double her size, without breaking a sweat!

HISTORY TV18 | OMG! Woman | Samurai Amma

While interacting with the media, Meenakshi ji explained what is Kalarippayattu stands for and was quoted saying Kalarippayattu is the complete art form, one that tests the extremes of the body and mind. The moves are now as intuitive as breathing for me.” The Kalari was founded in 1949, by her guru, the late Raghavan Gurukul, who himself a Kalarippayattu legend and her husband. Meenakshi Amma is a superhero in real life, who dons sari-clad Unniyarcha, the legendary warrior heroine of the Vadakkan Pattukal, the northern ballads of Kerala. She is of the opinion that women should learn martial art as post training they fell physically and mentally strong as well as increases their confident to work and travel alone.

Kalaru is a mixture of dance and yoga, which also includes weapons like swords, shields and staffs. ITs mentioned in our ancient Hindu scriptures, it remains infused with religion in the present day. Though British colonial rulers banned the practice in 1804 but it survived came back into existence in the early 20th century.  The martial art form has come in the limelight ever since Meenakshi won a national award in 2017. Today it is recognised as a sport and practised all over India.

Her enthusiasm of learning hasn’t stopped and still continues to trains around 150 to 200 students of all ages, from near and far, both male and female, all for free. Many foreigners come to the Kalari at Vadakara too (and their new one in Onchiyam, Kozhikode, as well), just to learn the art form. Kalarippayattu has evolved ever since her childhood and so has its disciples and quoted saying “When I started there were hardly any girls learning Kalarippayattu. It was frowned upon but my father, Damu, was insistent that I learn the art form in tandem with classical dance.

She gets emotional by saying that it’s heartening to see many girls and women taking up Kalarippayattu. It helps build confidence. Sometimes, however, the change is not always for the better. “Earlier, students used to practise meythari, the first step of Kalaripayattu learning process (see box), for months if not years, to build a firm foundation, what we call thara urakkaan. Nowadays, after two weeks of training, students want to start fighting with swords! Many students want it easy now, which is why aesthetics is missing in Kalaripayattu these days,” she explains.

She is also confident that the legacy in safe hands and quoted saying Our disciples are my biggest strength. Sajeevan and the rest will take up the task when necessary. Many of our disciples run their own kalaris now, a number of them in Wayanad, and they follow mash’s philosophy of teaching the art form to one and all. That’s why I am going to take it easy a bit from now on.”

Indian ace tennis star Sania Mirza wins first title of 2021 season, after 20 months in  Ostravafirst WTA title!

Sania Mirza talks singles training, forehand techniques with Sunil Chhetri

India is a sports-loving nation and has a special space in India. We are blessed to have Word class athletes and players which has produced so many great sportsmen in every sport. In recent times Indian women athletes have amazed us by breaking the gender barrier and created a niche which inspired the future generation. Players like Sania Mirza, Mary Kom, Mithali Raj, Saina Nehwal, Geeta Phogat, Sakshi Malik, Deepa Malik, PV Sindhu, Dipa Karmakar, Mithali Raj to name a few have reached the top against odds and also made us proud by being trailblazers the best game-changers we will ever know. They have taught us to look beyond gender stereotypes and paved the way to empower us all.

Sania Mirza seals historic Wimbledon doubles crown with Martina  Hingis-IndiaTV News | Tennis News – India TV

Sania Mirza has had a long and illustrious career, has won several trophies, and awards. She is one of the most popular female sportspersons in our country. She is a trailblazer who has brought women tennis in the limelight and at the same time and inspired young athletes to take up the sports. She also holds the rare record of being the only player to have broken into the top 30 of the WTA singles rankings. She has a legendary status in the doubles circuit by partnering with Martina Hingis playing with some of the best players in women’s and mixed doubles.  They went to become the best doubles players on the planet, winning 3 Slams and 2 WTA Finals titles.

Tennis Ace player Sania Mirza and partner Shuai Zhang her first title of the year defeating Kaitlyn Christian and Erin Routliffe in the women’s doubles final of the Ostrava Open. This is Sania’s first WTA win in 20 months, she had last won WTA title at the Hobart International way back in January 2020.  Mirza and Zhang beat their opponents from Japan also in straight sets, 6-2 7-5, in the semi final match.

It is the second final that Mirza played in this season and her first win in 2021. She finished as runner-at the WTA 250 Cleveland event in the US last month with Chirstina Mchale.

Rashmi Rocket trailer: Taapsee Pannu has got into the skin of her character, with near-perfect athletic body, mannerism and on-field action.

Taapsee Pannu's 'Haseen Dillruba' To Release On Netflix On July 2 -  Trendybash

Taapsee Pannu is one of most talented actresses in our country who has carved a niche for herself without coming from a film background. In recent times we have seen Taapsee has been experimenting with her choices of her roles which shows her versatility as an actor. Thappad actress strives to give her best in everything she does. A while back Taapsee Pannu took to social media to share training shared her transformation journey for her sports drama,

Rashmi Rocket To get into the skin of her character, she started training to get a perfect physique for her role as a sprinter in the film.

The maker of the movie, Rashmi Rocket launched the trailer of the movie and Pannu is back to the entertain the audience with her acting ability. Post watching the trailer get to see Rashmi dreams to repressing Team India at world championship but her life journey of a sprinter whose life come crashing down when she is asked to undergo a gender test.  Post failing her gender test, when she doesn’t fit into conventional feminine cut, she gets banned from the sport after being declared ‘not a woman’. This leads to her determination to get justice of herself and also get back to the racing track. near-perfect athletic body, mannerism and on-field action

The movie boast of powerful cast which consist of Priyanshu Painyuli as Rashmi’s love interest, Abhishek Banerjee as a lawyer and Supriya Pathak as her mother. While interacting with the media, Taapsee was quoted saying “I’ve always been approached when either the script or the director is ready to make the film but one line of this story fell in my lap in Chennai and then from there to it becoming a full-fledged film has been a feeling I haven’t experienced with any other film before. Everyone was just so sure about the story from day one. I’m extremely proud of it.”

Taapsee is on cloud nine post receiving so much love for the trailer of her upcoming film Rashmi Rocket, took to social media and wrote.     “Had I known this amount of love will come in I would’ve kept this expression more constantly on track! #RashmiRocketTrailer out now! (sic).”

The movie is being directed by Akarsh Khurana and co-produced by Ronnie Screwvala, Neha Anand and Pranjal Khandhdiya. The movie is all set to release on Zee5 on 15th October. The movie is written by Nanda Periyasamy, Aniruddha Guha and Kanika Dhillon.

‘MCC believes that the use of gender-neutral terminology helps reinforce cricket’s status as an inclusive game for all,’

Mithali Raj-led India women's cricket team squad for South Africa ODIs  announced

Cricket first came into the limelight when Team India won the 1983 world cup. Post that there has been no looking back, became a religion for the citizens and the players as Demi-God. But in recent past, we have witnessed the evolution of Indian women cricket and produced maverick cricketers who made their name in the international arena such as Anjum Chopra, Mithali Raj, Harmanpreet Kaur, Jhulan Goswami and Smriti Mandhana to name a few who have broken economic, social, and men-centric obstacles to speak to the nation.

For a long time there has been talks to adopt more gender-neutral terms to encourage women to play the sport. The first step has been taken by Marylebone Cricket Club who have gone on to amend a law of the game by introducing gender-neutral term ‘batter’ and ‘batters’ instead of ‘batsman’ or ‘batsmen’. Marylebone Cricket Club was founded in 1787 and has the sole authority on cricket’s law. In recent times we have seen popularity women’s cricket growing many precentedly at all around the world.

MCC committee after having discussion with club’s specialist Laws sub-committee, finally approved this rule. MCC, the custodians of the game released an statement was quoted saying “MCC believes that the use of gender-neutral terminology helps reinforce cricket’s status as an inclusive game for all.The amendments are a natural evolution from work already undertaken in this area as well as an essential part of MCC’s global responsibility to the sport.” We have noticed that number of governing bodies and media organizations have been using the term batter.

ICC Women's World Cup 2017: Mithali Raj urges her team to 'keep it simple'  in final

Indian captain Mithali Raj is looking forward to tour of England and playing against Australia and the World Cup in New Zealand. For sometime there has been speculation that Mndia’s ODI captain Mithali Raj is all set to retire from the sport post ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup next year in New Zealand for her country.

The news was confirmed by India ODI captain Mithali Raj was quoted saying “The 2021 event will obviously be my last World Cup, and I hope to see India lift the trophy. part from being a great achievement for the team, World Cup glory will further advance the cause of women’s cricket in India and we saw that the 2017 World Cup had a positive effect as well.”

Winning any ICC event, be it in ODIs or T20I, will be a massive inspiration to the next generation of girls, but the 2021 World Cup, being in the fifty-over format, is considered the pinnacle by any cricketer. And I really hope India can go one better than they performed in the last edition.”

“India has been doing very well at ICC tournaments in the last three or four years, whether you talk about the (ODI) World Cup or the recently-concluded T20 World Cup.” she added.

Virat Kohli will step down as the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore Post IPL 2021!

Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma - Who is better in T20Is and why?

Virat Kohli has over the years has elevated his game over the career spanning 11 years and counting. In his professional career, there has been a lot of ups and downs but thin which has been his self-belief in his skills and putting in hard work in whatever he puts his heart into it. The sudden change came in 2011 and from there has been no looking back for Delhi born Player. He performed superbly at the Ranji as well as India level.

Indian Captain, Virat Kohli became only the 7th batsman to get to 23,000 international runs and the fastest to get there as the India skipper overtook Sachin Tendulkar by 32 innings. Virat Kohli shocked the cricket fraternity last week, when he announced that he would step down as India’s T20I captain post the T20 World Cup that is scheduled to play in the United Arab Emirates from 17th October.

MS Dhoni feels Virat Kohli is already close to being a legend

Kohli followed footsteps of MS Dhoni and took to social platform to release the statement for paving the way for split captaincy in Indian cricket. He wrote “Understanding workload is a very important thing and considering my immense workload over the last 8-9 years playing all 3 formats and captaining regularly for last 5-6 years, I feel I need to give myself space to be fully ready to lead the Indian team in Test and ODI cricket. I have given my everything to the Team during my time as T20 Captain and I will continue to do so for the T20 Team as a batsman moving forward. Of course, arriving at this decision took a lot of time. After a lot of contemplation and discussions with my close people, Ravi bhai (Shastri) and also Rohit, who have been an essential part of the leadership group, I’ve decided to step down as the T20 Captain after this T20 World Cup in Dubai in October.”  

Virat Kohli’s eight-year tenure as the RCB skipper will be coming to an end Post IPL2021. The news was confirmed on their RCB Twitter handle, he said, his will be my last leg in the IPL as captain of the RCB. I will continue to be an RCB player till I play my last IPL game. It was something that was on my mind for a while, as I had recently announced stepping down from T20 captaincy (of the country) to manage my workload.” He further added that “I want to be able to be committed to the responsibilities that I am fulfilling and I felt I needed the space to be fresh, to regroup and be absolutely clear in how I want to move forward. This is just a little halt, it’s not the end of the journey.”

Under his leadership RCB has won 62 of the 132 matches, they also have 66 losses and 4 no-results. The best season during his leadership has been way back in 2016 when they lost final to SunRisers Hyderabad by 8 runs at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, their home ground. He went on to score with staggering 973 runs, but it eluded him. But on the other occasion in 2015 and 2020 they have come closer to make in to the playoffs.

Virat Kohli IPL records : 3 huge milestones RCB captain Virat Kohli can  achieve in IPL 2021 | Cricket News

He was quoted saying “It has been a great and an inspiring journey, captaining a talented bunch of players in the RCB squad,” Kohli said. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the RCB management, coaches, support staff, players, and the entire RCB family, who have been instrumental in the growth of the franchise over the years. It wasn’t an easy decision but one that has been well thought of and in the best interest of this wonderful franchise. The RCB family remains close to my heart as we continue to strive to achieve excellence. As I have mentioned previously in many occasions, I will only play for RCB until my retirement from the game of cricket.”

It would be really special if he could win the IPL trophy as Bangalore skipper and leaving on a high. His eight years journey as a skipper hasn’t been great, even though he had great players such as AB de Villiers and Chris Gayle. Kohli has been the most successful Test and T20 captain of his country but hasn’t been able to win major trophies. Though he will be longer been a captain of the side, but this doesn’t mean that he will stop brining intensity and aggression onto the field.

RCB restart this season’s campaign today vs Kolkata Knight Riders in Abu Dhabi.

Egypt is on Britain’s red list: Liverpool has refused to release Mohamed Salah for Egypt’s upcoming World Cup qualifying matches!

Jürgen Klopp involved in talks over new contract for Mohamed Salah |  Liverpool | The Guardian

Mohamed Salah’s journey from Nagrig village to Liverpool is source of inspiration for today’s youth. Salah hails from Nagrig, Gharbia, Egypt. While growing up, he was not good in studies but found his true calling in Football.  During his younger days he used loving football matches on television and used to idolized several Arab footballers. He continues to hone his ability to play ball. He caught eye of local scouts from Contractors FC soccer club, El Mokawloon, based in Cairo because of his very agile and skilful in playing ball. This led to him being offered a contract immediately.

At 18 years, he graduated to be to the senior level of the academy’s club and skills started to increase and he made it into the main squad. Due to demonstration which caused clashes between members of the Freedom and Justice Party supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Mursi protesters, with led to at least seven people killed and hundreds injured. This led to Salah moved to Europe and started laying for a Swiss club, FC Basel. In April 2012, Salah signed a 4-year contract with the club. In the same year, he immediately debuted by playing in the European Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

15 Times Mohamed Salah Showed Who Is The Boss - YouTube

 In February 2014, Salah debuted with Chelsea against Newcastle United. But in that season, Salah had to return to Egypt to take part in compulsory military service for three years. Better sense prevailed the Egyptian government freed Salah from this obligation. He went on to play for clubs such as Italian club Fiorentina and AS Roma. His ability to increase makes several clubs attracted to this Egyptian player and in 2017 decided to join Liverpool for a fee of 50 million pounds.  Mo Salah became the first Egyptian player in Liverpool’s uniform. He scored his debut goal vs Watford and was named Liverpool’s best player in August 2017.

The Egyptian footballer has successfully won the top scoring title and transformed into one of the most ferocious strikers in the Premier League, in Europe. Mohamed Salah has made more than 200 appearances for Liverpool and hiss impact at Liverpool has been immeasurable as his list of career achievements continues to grow. Today, Salah is the most popular player from Egypt who successfully broke into world football. Egyptians see Salah as a ray of hope for a nation which is battling with poverty and years of political turmoil. Liverpool Club has denied to release their star player Mohamed Salah for Egypt’s upcoming World Cup qualifying matches due to coronavirus restrictions, the country’s soccer association.

Salah named as Egypt national team new captain - EgyptToday

One of the reasons being Egypt is on Britain’s red list, as Salah would be required to quarantine post his return from Cairo and will miss two Premier League games. Egypt is all set to play Angola in Cairo on Sept. 2 before traveling to face Gabon three days later in Franceville. The association was quoted saying “continues its contacts with the FIFA …. to have international players be exempted from travel restrictions imposed on them in countries where they play due to coronavirus.”

It's great to share the Golden Boot with Sadio Mane, says Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian federation also wished Salah to play for the national team at the Tokyo Olympics, but it the request was denied by Liverpool. As the Clubs are not obligated to release players for the men’s Olympic tournament. Salah has gone on to win twice the Premier League’s Golden Boot award. He had tested positive for the virus during a visit to Cairo in November, where he attended his brother’s wedding. At the time, he was to join the national team for its game against Togo. Liverpool is seeking to strike a new deal to keep Salah with the club.

A protege of legendary long jumper Anju Bobby George, bagged a silver at the U20 World Athletics Championships in Nairobi.

India is a sports-loving nation and has a special space in India. We are blessed to have Word class athletes and players which has produced so many great sportsmen in every sport. In recent times Indian women athletes have amazed us by breaking the gender barrier and created a niche which inspired the future generation. Players like Sania Mirza, Mary Kom, Mithali Raj, Saina Nehwal, Geeta Phogat, Sakshi Malik, Deepa Malik, PV Sindhu, Dipa Karmakar, Mithali Raj to name a few have reached the top against odds and also made us proud by being trailblazers the best game-changers we will ever know. They have taught us to look beyond gender stereotypes and paved the way to empower us all.

Today we are all set to talk about inspirational story of a long jumper journey from Jhansi to Nairobi and made a promising career has been full of metaphorical uphill climbs. Shaili Singh has been trained by legendary athletes such as Robert Bobby George and Anju George, who are confident in her ability to win medals at the Olympics and Worlds in the next few years. The 17th year old life story will inspire the whole nation and has gone through own struggle from very early age and hails from Jhansi.

She was brought up by a single mother who learnt tailoring to earn a daily living, India’s new queen of long jump was quoted saying “It was a tough battle for my mother in the beginning. She had to raise three kids as a single parent. But all credit to her, she worked hard to support us. She is very strong,” Shaili was quoted saying “My mom convinced me before the final saying, ‘Nothing wrong will happen and you’ll win the gold’.” ‘Don’t worry (mom). I will win gold next time’ Shaili’s mother told her, “Don’t be tensed, it will all fall in place as (coach Robert Bobby George) sir is with you…. Don’t worry (mom). I will improve next time and win the gold.” 

She went on to win silver post missing out on gold by a centimetre to Sweden’s Maja Askag at the World Athletics under-20 championships but established herself as a star to watch out for. Her first two attempt were not that great but edged her out in the fourth round by the narrowest of margins to eventually win the gold. Shaili’s previous best jump was 6.48m. Shaili’s winning the silver medal is the first long jump medal at the under-20 Worlds while Anju’s 2003 Worlds long jump bronze is India’s lone medal at the ‘senior’ Worlds. Her coach Bobby George was quoted saying “Shaili was brilliant. Of course, gold would have been prettier.”

She had to go through a lot trouble while growing up, sometimes used to run without shoes but fought with listers to compete in school-level competitions. There was time when family to have even three-square meals on the table. Shaili is takes inspiration from her mother and the first person she calls to update on results. She spoke about her bond with her mother and was quoted saying “My mother told me before the final not to worry. She expected me to win gold. Next time, I will win gold. I wanted to hear the National Anthem being played at the stadium. As she is a single mother, it was difficult for her but my mother looked after me, my sister, and my brother.”

National record-holder Anju expects Shaili to reach greater heights and win an Olympic medal for the country. Anju was quoted saying “She can improve on the national record (6.83 metres). Our main target for Shaili is to help her finish on the podium at the Olympic Games, which is the most valuable thing. If our trainee can win a medal, I will consider it as my own.

Shaili was inducted into the Lucknow Sports Hostel but her big break came after she caught Robert’s eye, even though she finished outside the medals and had no proper technique at the National Junior Athletics Championships in Vijayawada in 2017. A week later, Anju spotted her at the Inter-District Junior Championships, and the couple agreed they had found an athlete with the potential to become the next big star.